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Uncertain Times
a Bold VIEW

Join us for HospitalityVIEW™—a brand new C-level thought leadership working group, powered by IDeaS. HospitalityVIEW™ is an exclusive, invitation-only group of global hospitality and travel executives gathering to discuss thought leadership and exchange insights and perspectives about the future of the industry. There’s so much we do not know about how the lodging industry will recover from the COVID-19 era and current economic downturn. What we do know is that the history of the industry is a story of evolution and innovation driven by disruption:

  • The advent of franchising forever changed operating models for the hoteliers in the mid-20th century
  • REITs and public financing created new avenues for growth in the 1980s and 1990s
  • The impact of ecommerce and digital transformation disrupted and remade the hospitality landscape in the early 2000s

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What is the next driving force that will remake the industry - and how can owners, operators, brands and investors stay in front of it?


Elevate the conversation while challenging established ways of thinking.


Foster collaboration between a diverse selection of hotel segments, markets and leaders.


Stimulate insights and perspectives from a diverse range across the hospitality and travel sector.